Strategic Planning

Focused on understanding our clients' business plans and growth projections to help with the development and implementation of strategic long term plans and facilities requirements.

Making the right real estate facility decisions is essential for the success of growing manufacturing and distribution companies. Often a company's initial location is based on proximity to where the company's founder lives. 


However, once a company reaches a certain size, location decisions need to take into account a much larger array of factors, including the markets that a company is selling to, freight and distribution costs, labor costs and availability, as well as real estate acquisition and lease costs. A company's culture, its' community of current and future employees and the image it wished to project are all part of the diificult to measure, but extremely important factors in determing where to locate a new facility.

While the strategic planning can be complicated because it involves every aspect of a companies current and future business, it also provides the opportunity to become focused on the core values of the organization and to determine which factors carry the most importance.

Cypress Food Group welcomes the challenges presented with assisting growing companies with the strategic planning process. Having assisted companies with these decicsions for almost three decades, we find the the lessons learned from both our other clients' successes and setbacks grealty informs our ability to navigate the planning for growth and for new facilities as required for our new clients. 

Our extensive experience in assisting clients with long term strategic planning and analysis, helps ensures that our clients have the opportunity and the time to take into account all of the various factors that contribute to making the best possible decisions for future facilites.